Dear Brothers and Sisters
As-Salamu Alaykum

Khairulummat Charitable trust is formed and managed by a group of Muslim Engineers and professionals with a purpose of serving for the community.

The aim of this Trust is to find out the GENUINE NEEDY people who do not spread their hands in front of others as mentioned in Quran Surah 2, verse 273.
"Charity is for those needy people who are engaged so much in the cause of Allah that they cannot move about in the land to earn their livelihood: the ignorant think that they are wealthy on account of their modest behavior. You can recognize them by their look because they do not make insistent demands on people. Whatever you spend on them, surely Allah knows it."
The main functions of this trust is to provide assistance for educational purposes, provide medical help to the needy Muslims, help the poor parents financially in getting their daughters married and help to widows for livelihood.

We started working for this noble cause from 2008 on need basis but in order to extend it to wider range of genuine needy people, this trust was formed and registered with the registrar in 2009, in the month of Ramzan. Since then, Alhamdo Lillah, we have been trying our best efforts to do as much charity as possible. From registration in 2009 (Ramdan 1431) till July 2015 (Ramadan 1436), we have received donations amounting to Rs.1874021/-(Rupees Eighteen Lakhs seventy four thousand and twenty one only) and we have extended help of monitory value of Rs.1544273 (Rupees Fifteen lakhs Forty Four thousand two hundred seventy Three only).

We would like to specifically mention here that unlike some other Charitable Trusts, we do not use the contributions from Donors for the purposes like Salaries, transportation etc for the volunteer working for this cause. Alhamdo Lillah all Memebrs spend for these purposes from their pockets.

We request you also to contribute for this fund to achieve the purpose and Insha Allah, Allah SWT will give many times more as mentioned in Holy Quran's Below verses.

Surah 2, Verse 245

Who will loan to Allah a beautiful loan which Allah will increase many fold? Allah alone can decrease and increase wealth, and to Him you all shall return.

Surah 57, verse 11

Who is the one that will give to Allah a goodly loan, so that He may increase it manifold to his credit and give him a liberal reward besides it. 

Surah 57, verses 18

Surely the charitable men and the charitable women, and those who give a goodly loan to Allah, shall be repaid manifold, and also be given a liberal reward besides it. 

Surah 64, verse 17

If you lend to Allah a goodly loan, He will pay you back manifold, and will forgive you your sins. Allah is Appreciative and Forbearing to those who are grateful.

Our sincere and humble request to everyone is to get associated with us to obey the commandment of Allah SWT for those whom He has blessed with Wealth.

Jazak Allahumma Khairan.

Aqeeluddin Saiyad


Khairulummat Charitable Trust